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Kristien Zenkov is a professor of teacher education and literacy education, the Division Director of Elementary, Literacy, and Secondary Education, and the Program Coordinator of Secondary Education (SEED) at George Mason University. He is the co-director of the "Through Students Eyes" project, which asks diverse high school and middle school youth to document with photographs and writing what they believe are the purposes of school.
Dr. Zenkov received his Ph.D. in Teacher Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a faculty member at Cleveland State University before coming to George Mason. He has published more than one hundred fifty articles and book chapters and eight books concerning urban teacher education, social justice education, Professional Development Schools, language arts pedagogy, and curriculum standards.
He continues his professional development schools efforts at George Mason through partnerships with Alexandria, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Loudoun County, and Manassas schools. Dr. Zenkov and his colleagues have been awarded grants (totaling nearly $2 million) from private foundations and the US Department of Education in support of the "Through Students Eyes" (TSE) project and numerous other urban teacher education, conflict resolution, and teacher mentoring studies and programs. He has conducted TSE with youth in Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Iraq. He has taught language arts and drama in city high schools across the country. Dr. Zenkov is the former editor of School-University Partnerships and the current Treasurer of the National Association for Professional Development Schools.

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Kristien Zenkov, PhD

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Dr. Kristien Zenkov's Keynote Address
Ohio Deans Compact Annual Conference

January 2021

Recent Peer-Reviewed Articles

Note: Publications with * denote manuscripts co-authored with teachers and masters/doctoral students

Zenkov, K., & Pytash, K. (2022). Critical, project-based clinical experiences as sustainable "third space"                  reforms. Teacher Education Quarterly9(2).  pp. 58-85.

Glaser, H., Helmsing, M., Zenkov, K., & Parker, A. (2021). Adding the “T” to the “PCK” in clinical                              experiences: How technology shaped our pandemic teacher education pedagogies and                                    partnerships. The New Educator, 17(4), 353-374. (NOTE: Awarded The New Educator Taylor and              Francis Outstanding Article Award). 


Helmsing, M., Parker, A. K., Glaser, H., Zenkov, K., & Porter, A. (2022). Coaching cubed: Mentor                         teachers’ perspectives on the exponential nature of supporting teacher candidates during uncertain               times. Special Themed Issue: School University Partnerships, 15(1). From

*Pytash, K., Lague, M., & Zenkov, K. (under review). “Boundary-spanners” in literacy
          education: Roles, activities, supports, constraints, and futures. School-University

*Zenkov, K. & Pytash, K., & Lague, M. (under review). A solution to teacher educators’ existential crisis?                 Critical, project-based clinical experiences. Teacher Education Quarterly.

*Zenkov, K. & Lague, M. (under review). “Stories of Injustice” and the ideals of our profession: Pre-service            English teachers as bridges to equity. Teacher Educator.

*Zenkov, K. & Pytash, K. (2022). A solution to teacher educators’ existential crisis? Critical,
          project-based clinical experiences. Teacher Education Quarterly.

*Parker, A.K., Zenkov, K., & Glaser, H. (2021). Preparing school-based teacher educators: Mentor                        teachers’ perceptions of mentoring and mentor training. Manuscript submitted for publication in the            Peabody Journal of Education (Special Issue on Clinical Practice and Innovative Clinical Work in                    Teacher Education) (Edited by D. Polly, R.W. Burns, E. Garin, B. Badiali).                                                   

Zenkov, K., Lague, M., & Azevedo, P.C. (2020). SEED “Seeds,” “Stories of Injustice,” and the equity                    ideals of our partnerships: A program in formation and pre-/in-service teachers as bridges to equity.            School-University Partnerships (Special Issue edited by Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte/Christie                        Martin, University of South Carolina at Columbia).

Zenkov, K., Dennis, D., & Parker, A.K. (Fall, 2019). “Bless your heart,” BBQ, and clinical practitioners as              neologists: Developing a lexicon for clinical practice. School-University Partnerships.


Parker, A. K., Zenkov, K., & Dennis, D.V. (2019). Exploring the lexicon or lack thereof in clinical teacher                preparation. Action in Teacher Education, 41(3), 249-264.                                                   

          DOI: 10.1080/01626620.2019.1600601

Parsons, S., Parker, A. K., Zenkov, K., Erbrecht, A., Kraft, J., & Slattery, C. (Spring, 2018). School-                        university partnerships as a means to recruiting and retaining effective teachers. PDS Partners,                      13(4), 11-13.

Zenkov, K., Parker, A.K., Parsons, S., Stunkard, C., & Kiefer-Kennedy, M. (Winter, 2018). A snapshot of              the Clinical Practice Commission’s report on clinical teacher preparation. PDS Partners, 13(3), 1, 3-            4


Recent Invited and Editorial-Reviewed Articles

Note: Publications with * denote manuscripts co-authored with teachers and masters/doctoral students

Zenkov, K., Badiali, B., Burns, R. W., Coler, C., Cosenza, M., Goree, K., Polly, D., Stoicovy, D., Bertrand,               S., Haddad, K., Crane, N., & Lague, M. (2021). The “Revised Nine Essentials” article series Essential             1: Justice is our “Comprehensive Mission.” PDS Partners: Bridging Research to Practice. 16(4), 21-             24.


Coler, C. Goree, K., Stoicovy, D., Polly, D, Badiali, B., Burns, R. W., Cosenza, M., & Zenkov, K. (2022).                  The value of school-university partnerships and Professional Development Schools. The Delta                        Kappa Gamma Bulletin: International Journal for Professional Educators, 88(3), 6-14.


Helmsing, M., Glaser, H., Zenkov, K., & Lague, M. (2022). From frustration to innovation: Considering                 new practices and approaches for teacher education as post-pandemic pedagogy. The Teacher                       Educators’ Journal, 15(1), iv-xii.

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. (2018). A pivot toward clinical practice, its                     lexicon, and the renewal of educator preparation: A report of the AACTE Clinical Practice                             Commission. Washington D.C.: Authors.

Pytash, K., & Zenkov, K. (2018). Introduction to the guest-edited issue: Critical, project-based clinical                 experiences in literacy contextsThe New Educator, 14(3), 185-191.

*Zenkov, K., Taylor, L., Angle, D., & Nzita, A.N. (2016). Writing our identities together. Journal of                        Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 60(3), 345–348. doi: 10.1002/jaal.593

Zenkov, K., & Shiveley, J. (2016). What is a PDS?. Special Online Issue of School-University                                   Partnerships: The Official Journal of the National Association for Professional Development Schools:           “What is a PDS?”. Waco, TX: National Association for Professional Development Schools.

*Zenkov, K., & Newman K. (2016). Our literacies in/justice. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy,                        60(2), 217–220.

*Zenkov, K., Bertrand, S., Clark, E., Taylor, L., Newman, K., Sciarrino S., von Topel K., Angle, D.,                               Pellegrino, A. (2016). Partnership in/as/for literacies. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 60(1),             87–90 Doi: 10.1002/jaal.563

*Bertrand, S., Zenkov, K., & Clark, E. (April, 2016). Review of Best practices in mentoring for teacher and              leader development. Teachers’ College Record, ID Number: 19851

*Zenkov, K., Taylor, L., & Harmon, J. (2015). Boundary- and border-spanning collaborations of educators              and youths: Challenging our literacy pedagogies and content. Journal of Adolescent & Adult                         Literacy. DOI: 10.1002/jaal.469.

Parsons, S. A., Parker, A. K., & Zenkov, K. (2015, September). Using Edthena in PDS partnership work.                Professional Development School Research/AERA SIG Newsletter, 2-3.

Invited articles
Book chapters

Recent Book Chapters

Note: Publications with * denote manuscripts co-authored with teachers and masters/doctoral students

Zenkov, K., Lague, M., Haddad, K., Gervacio, A., Sabah, M., & Kolapalli, A. (2022). “Storying” injustice                   with future English teachers: Narrating our way to the equity foundations of our writing pedagogies.             In T. Hodges (Ed.), Handbook of equity-focused writing instruction. pp. 224-247. IGI Global.


Zenkov, K. (2022). Teachers, teaching, teacher educators, teaching education: A case for class-based and            classroom-based transitions. In N. Vines & A. Broemmel (Eds.), Teacher reflections on transitioning            from K-12 to higher education classrooms, pp. 381-391. IGI Global.

*Zenkov, K., Parker, A.K., Glaser, H., & Vardas-Doane, A. (2020). Valuing the expertise of school-based             teacher educators in school-university partnerships: Creating a sustainable model of mentor                           teacher preparation. In P.E. Bernhardt, T. Conway & G. Richardson (Eds.), Effective Clinical                         Practice: Preparing Mentor Teachers and University-Based Educators to Support Teacher                             Candidate Learning and Development.

*Johnson, R.D., Parsons, S.A., Parker, A.K., Zenkov, K., Dennis, D., del Prado Hill, P., Garas-York, K.,                     Loving, K., & Slattery, C. (2020). The case for PDS as an exemplary model of school-university                   partnerships. Proposal accepted for inclusion in P. Chandler & L. Barron (Eds.), Rethinking School-            University Partnerships: A New Way Forward.

*Zenkov, K., Lague, M., & Azevedo, P.C. (2020). SEED “Seeds,” “Stories of Injustice,” and the ideals of                  our profession: A program in formation and pre-service teachers as bridges to equity. In E. Garin &               R.W. Burns (Eds.), The NAPDS Nine Essentials in Action: Cases of Professional Development                    Schools (pp. 249-255).

*Zenkov, K., Taylor, L., Pytash, K., Lague, M., & Ayers, A. (2020). Critical, project-based clinical                              experiences: Formalizing the roles of university- and school-based teacher educators. In E. Garin &              R.W. Burns (Eds.) The NAPDS Nine Essentials in Action: Cases of Professional Development                      Schools  (pp. 198-202).

Zenkov, K. & Pytash, K. (2018). Critical, project-based clinical experiences: Their origins and their                            elements. In K. Zenkov & K. Pytash (Eds.), Clinical experiences in teacher education: Critical,                         project-based experiences in diverse classrooms (pp. 1-17). Routledge.

Zenkov, K., Parsons, S., Parker, A.K., Brown, E.L., Groth, L., Pytash, K., & Pellegrino, A. (2018). From                      collaborative inquiry to critical, project-based clinical experiences: Partnership pathways to field-                   based teacher education. In T. Hodges & A. Baum (Eds.), Handbook of field-based teacher                             education. IGI.

Parker, A.K., Zenkov, K., & Parsons, S. (2018). Purposeful preparation for roles in boundary-spanning                       clinical teacher preparation. In D. Hoppey, D. Yendol-Hoppey, & N. Dana (Eds.), Preparing the                   next generation of teacher educators. IAP.

Zenkov, K., Parker, A.K., Parsons, S., Pellegrino, A., & Pytash, K. (2017). From project-based clinical                         experiences to collaborative inquiries: Pathways to Professional Development Schools. In J.                             Ferrara, J. Nath, I. Guadarrama, & R. Beebe (Eds.), Expanding opportunities to link research and                   clinical practice: A volume in Research in Professional Development Schools (pp. 9-33).                               Information Age Publishing.

*Parker, A., & Zenkov, K. (2017). Preface. In D. Yendol-Hoppey and D. Hoppey (Eds.), Working                               together: Enhancing urban educator quality through partnerships. Information Age.

*Corrigan, D., Weber, E., Beebe, R. S., Zenkov, K., & Semple, A. (2017). Continued effort and success:                    Urban impact achieved through a Professional Development School program. In D. Yendol-                          Hoppey and D. Hoppey (Eds.), Working together: Enhancing urban educator quality through                        partnerships. Information Age.

*Zenkov, K., Taylor, L., & Harmon, J. (2017). Diverse youth, new teachers, and “picturing” literacy: Using                   photovoice to “partner” our way to adolescents’ perspectives on literacy. In K.A. Hinchman &                         D.A. Appleman (Eds.), Adolescent literacies: A handbook of practice-based research (pp. 148-                     168). Guilford.

*Pellegrino, A., Zenkov, K., Gallagher, M. A., & Long, L. (2016). Picturing new notions of civic                                       engagement in the US: Youth-facilitated, visually-based explorations of the perspectives of our                    least enfranchised and most diverse citizens. In S. Greene, K. Burke, & M. McKenna (Eds.), Public                spaces: Youth voices, literacies, and civic engagement. Routledge.



Note: Publications with * denote manuscripts co-authored with teachers and masters/doctoral students

Cushman, K., Zenkov, K., & Call-Cummings, M. (2021). New Fires in Our Lives: Advice for Teachers                        from High School Students. New Press.

Zenkov, K., & Pytash, K. (2018). Critical, project-based experiences in teacher preparation: Classroom                      interventions, teacher training and development, boundary-spanning roles, and collaborative                          scholarship. Routledge.

*Zenkov, K., & Harmon, J. (2016). Through students’ eyes: Writing and photography for success in school               Rowman & Littlefield.

Richards, J.C., & Zenkov, K. (Eds.) (2015). Social justice, the Common Core, and closing the instructional                  gap: Empowering diverse learners and their teachers. Information Age.

Gorski, P. & Zenkov, K. (Eds.) (2014). The big lies of education reform. Routledge.


Zenkov, K., Corrigan, D. & Beebe, R. (Eds.). (2013). Professional development schools and social                                  justice: Schools and universities partnering to make a difference. Lexington Books.

Gorski, P., Zenkov, K., Osei-Kofi, N., & Sapp, J. (Eds.). (2012). Cultivating social justice teachers: How                      teacher educators have helped students overcome cognitive bottlenecks and learn critical social                    justice concepts. Stylus.

Navarro, V. & Marquez-Zenkov, K. (Eds.) (2005). Staying connected: Re-framing the contours of                              partnership work in education with PDS standards. Urban Network to Improve                                                  Teacher Education.

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