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I like that in this picture I focused on one flower but you can see many more in the background. It makes me think of love because there are so many people, but the one you love you see more clearly. The picture reminded me that when you love someone you love them despite all of their flaws. Even if you know everything about the person, their faults, you still love them. You know someone to the core and you still love them. We get to know people by spending time with them. By trusting people completely. If you trust someone with your flaws, they know them but they still love you. It is kind of scary. 


One Voice

Ann IMG_1391.JPG

I think even if people don’t know each other or can’t speak the same language, if you have something to work on, like a work of art, you can connect. You don’t have to have a lot of things in common to connect. It’s such an opportunity and so different to come to a more rural area and experience such different things. That girl, Khamo, is from Tibet, and she’s here doing things she wouldn’t normally do. It’s really cool that you can connect with people who don’t live anywhere near you and co-exist in peace. The art helps so that you don’t have to speak the same language—it doesn’t require words. It’s more like emotion, which are the same for everyone. Although people may have different ways to express them, emotions are the same at the core.



I think the different form of love that I was thinking about was just family love. Family love is something more deep, deeper than just interacting with others. You feel this sense of a bond, a responsibility that you have to care for these people—not in a bad way. You feel connected to them even if they made a fatal mistake. If it were other people you wouldn’t forgive them. But because you feel connected to a family member you can forgive them. You don’t think about family love, you just care about a person no matter what—when they are in your family. I would say that there are not better kinds of love, even though there are different types. Love is still love. It’s essentially the same thing. You can’t really compare them.

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